project generator

Since 1998
The generator is a computer program (Perl script) which collects and recombines material from the Internet to create a new website or a new image. Since its launch in 1998, it became a classic of net art and got legendary due to its ability to keep connecting to new discourses and thus constantly updating itself.



DAM Gallery / Berlin / September 2015

Artists working with the Internet or digital means seize on hyperrealistic imagery and the problematic nature of the real to reflect on the influence of the Internet on domestic spheres and personal comfort zones. Some use the aesthetics of amateur films found on the net and amplify them satirically to point out the difference between banal everyday culture and high art. Visual worlds are recreated from a combination of real and digital images. The virtual creation of objects and their surfaces play an important role, as does the making of sculptures and installations with new materials in real space.