Since 2018
#purplenoise is an interdisciplinary technofeminist research group that uses real-life events to explore social media as the arena for protest and political activation. The group was initiated in 2018 by Cornelia Sollfrank.


Revisiting Feminist Art

Hamburg (2006) / Paris (2007) / Berlin (2008)

Revisiting Feminist Art is a series of reenactments of early feminist performance art. In the act of repetition, Cornelia Sollfrank took the place of the artists she selected and fashioned a test assembly by confronting the concept of the subject of these early feminist artworks with the action theoretical concept of repetition. The relevance of the repeated work and the statement produced by it is put forward for discussion along with the diversity of feminist practices. For this series, Cornelia Sollfrank selected artists and works that had influenced her as a young artist feminist: Valie Export’s „Mappe der Hundigkeit“, Annette Messager’s „Les Approaches“, and Niki de Saint Phalle’s „Peinture au Fusil.“