Performance lecture by Cornelia Sollfrank that makes a (techno-)feminist comment on the entanglements of gender, technology and information politics exemplified by the case of Julian Assange and Wikileaks. The artist takes us in her text assemblage on an adventurous trip into the realm of zeros and ones, of data and pure information, of ciphers, signifiers and figures. On the other side of reality we encounter suspected heroes, leaks and phreaks, engineers of escape who control our secret desires. Rape can be performed in many ways. In a state of total transparency: what shall we eat, when society feeds upon the repressed? Knowing yourself means knowing what to look for. Instead of making a moral judgement, however, the performance uses and combines sources from information science, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, feminist studies and activism to embed the case is a wide cultural landscape in which gendered structures become more than obvious. The performance is divided into nine chapters with headers such as Information, Organisation, Zeroes&Ones, Binary Worlds, Pure Difference, Cyberfeminism, Gender&Technology, Naked Information and Transparency, and creates a captivating atmosphere by the use of sound and visuals.

The performance was commissioned by the Bergen Academy of Art in 2016 and since then has been performed live four times:
Bergen Kunsthall (2016), Kling& Bang, Reykjavik (2018), Postcyberfeminist International, ICA London (2018), Chaos Communication Congress, Leipzig (2018):

SOUND: Malte Steiner,

Stills from this performance lecture were used to mint an NFT for the WETWARE exhibition on Feral File in 2022.