Caring and Narrating

1 December 2023, Berlin, Gallery /rosa

Presentation of two books: Yvonne Volkart, Technologies of Care. From Sensing Technologies to an Aesthetics of Attention in a More-than-Human World, and Birgit Schneider, Der Anfang einer neuen Welt. Wie wir vom Klimawandel erzählen, ohne zu verstummen. Berlin: Matthes & Seitz 2023. Moderated by Cornelia Sollfrank. More info:

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Aesthetics, Commons and the Production of the Subject

Cornelia Sollfrank and Felix Stalder / 2021

The two editors of the volume Aesthetics of the Commons (Diaphanes 2021), Cornelia Sollfrank and Felix Stalder, discuss with Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture (WPCC) the potential and meanings of the digital commons in creating new subjectivities and new imaginaries on and off the internet.