We don’t die – we multiply!

Art Academy Kassel / 4 – 6 Novmeber / 2022

Panel discussion as part of the conference „Arbeit an den Strukturen – Praxisbasierte Forschung in documenta- und Ausstellungsstudien“ (Working on structures – practice-based research in documenta and exhibition studies). The panel addressed the combination of institutional and artistic archiving practices as a way of maintaining temporary, ephemeral, project-based and collective practices by the example of the Old Boys Network. Participants: Dušan Barok, Birgitta Coers and Cornelia Sollfrank. Moderation: Malin Kuht.


Revisiting the Future. Cyberfeminism in the Twenty-First Century.

Cornelia Sollfrank / 2016

In this text I will revisit the various elaborations of cyberfeminism that were practiced in the 1990s. Underlying this trip into the past is a series of questions that might help to better understand the present: what were the impulses behind the techno-feminist upheaval?[1] How did the different concepts vary? Can cyberfeminism play a role in the current situation in which the atmosphere of departure has evaporated, making space for a seemingly all-encompassing dystopia? Are there any techno-feminist approaches that respond to contemporary challenges?