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Aesthetics, Commons and the Production of the Subject

Cornelia Sollfrank and Felix Stalder / 2021

The two editors of the volume Aesthetics of the Commons (Diaphanes 2021), Cornelia Sollfrank and Felix Stalder, discuss with Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture (WPCC) the potential and meanings of the digital commons in creating new subjectivities and new imaginaries on and off the internet.


IN THE SHADOW OF THE PUBLIC LIBRARY. Artistic takes on the Digital Commons.

Cornelia Sollfrank / 2020.

The projects discussed in this text all make cultural products available online for free. What is special about them is that they have all been initiated and are run by small groups of artists or individual artists who provide the infrastructure as well as the contents, and they do so without a budget or any sort of official mandate. Due to their radical open access practiced in the art context, they unfold an enormous symbolic value, parallel to their practical value. In this sense, they are manifestations of current political problems rather than solutions, and their relevance lies in the complexity of the questions they are asking. Published in German in: Sich mit Sammlungen anlegen. Gemeinsame Dinge und alternative Archive. Martina Griesser-Stermscheg, Nora Sternfeld und Luisa Ziaja (Hrsg.), De Gruyter, Wien. Seiten: 85-94.