Continuous Shift

Konsthall Kristianstad / 2022-2023

The intersection between the digital and the artistic has received a lot of attention in recent years. Many have heard expressions like AI, crypto, NFTs and blockchain but what do they mean and what relationship do they have to contemporary art? Much of what has been presented in the media as digital art has left us both curious and confused.

What is the human relationship with technology and digitisation in an age when they seem to be completely fused? Can the differences between life, art and technology be discerned? How do professional contemporary artists work with ever new digital possibilities?

For Continuous Shift, the art gallery invites six arists whiose work enable active encounters between art and technology and raise awareness for this relatively niche genre. Through physical and visual experiences that activate multiple senses, visitors can experience the digital art world in our space. In the Kristianstad Art Gallery’s premises, unique spaces will emerge that demand our attention.




Since 2018
#purplenoise is an interdisciplinary technofeminist research group that uses real-life events to explore social media as the arena for protest and political activation. The group was initiated in 2018 by Cornelia Sollfrank.



Latent Spaces – Performing Ambiguous Data

Zürich University of the Arts / since 2021

The research project Latent Spaces takes place in the datafied contemporary and is based at Zürich University of the Arts. The term latent space refers to a (technical/conceptual) realm in which different possibilities co-exist before one (or more) become realized, and it refers to ambiguity, the state in which different valid readings co-exist within a system of meaning. Drawing on the strength of artistic practices, the project develops and performs these perspectives in individual projects not just through critical reflection but also through artistic interventions/creations. Participants include Dr. Felix Stalder, Dr. Alexandre Puttick, Shusha Niederberger, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Gordan Savicic and Dr. Cornelia Sollfrank. Funded by SNF.



My first NFT – and why it was not a live-changing experience

Cornelia Sollfrank / 31 May 2022
From Commons to NFTs” is an (expanded) writing series initiated by Shu Lea Cheang, Felix Stalder & Ewen Chardronnet. Cautioned by the speculative bubble (burst) of NFTs, the series brings back the notion of commons from around the turn of the millennium to reflect upon and intervene in the transformation of the collective imagination and its divergent futures. Every last day of the month Makery publishes a new contribution of these “chain essays”. Fifth text by Cornelia Sollfrank.




Encounters in the Archival Commons

Berlin / 25 March 2022

Panel discussion as part of the conference „The Whole Life. Archives & Imaginaries“ at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.



Archiving a Network – the Case of the Old Boys Network

Hong Kong / 17 March 2022

New Approaches to Collecting and Preserving Complex Research-Based Art and Art Projects, Museum M+. Presentation and Workshop together with Dušan Barok and Anna Schäffler.


SOS – Salon for Open Secrets.

Vienna / 12 May 2021

Patrícia J. Reis and Stefanie Wuschitz from Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory interview Cornelia Sollfrank about her ground-breaking work in early Cyberfeminism until now. They discuss the dynamics of collaboration, the sharing of experience and knowledge; they talk about autonomous infrastructures, platforms of visibility and many other topics.



Creating Worlds

Vienna / 2009-2012, European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp).


Creating Worlds was a multi-annual research project that investigated the relationship between art production and knowledge production in the context of the transformations and crises of contemporary capitalism. Creativity becomes an ambivalent term here, “creating worlds” meaning a modulating procedure in cognitive capitalism and societies of control, but also an emerging political dimension of creativity as political imagination and invention of new lines of flight, new struggles, new worlds.