DEJAVU® - First Plagiarism Detection Software for Fine Arts

"Every brushstroke or pixel string is a potential act of piracy which must be traced."

It is the very nature of fine arts that individual authors create original works of art. But how can anybody be sure that these alleged originals are in fact original, that the person who claims authorship really is the creator? Why should artists not be tempted to 'steal' from their predecessors and fellow artists? Consequently, the question of how to detect plagiarism in the arts is one of the core questions in the arts of the 21st century. Assuming that the detection of plagiarism is important implies that the possibility of providing detailed evidence is even more important.

    With the help of DEJAVU®, it will be possible for the first time in art history not only to detect plagiarism, but also to exactly analyse the sources, the 'original' works the plagiarism is based on, and even to define a measurable extent of the plagiarism. Images can be submitted online, and the result will be sent back to the submitter within 24 hours as a comprehensive plagiarism

"Plagiarism brings on bad karma and may lead to reincarnation as a bad piece of art or, worse, a politician." Jacques Vesery

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by Meredith Larkin, May 12, 2009

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Louise Schwartzkoff, April 23, 2009



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