Art & Speculative Commons panel discussion in Tokyo

GWYDH at Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions in Tokyo

Giving What You Don't Have has been invited to be part of the annual Yebisu Festival for Art and Alternative Visions taking place at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.

Together with KUBOTA Akihiro and HATTA Masayuki, we will be discussing about Art and Speculative Commons on 18 February 2017.

Multiple Future exhibition in Tokyo

GWYDH at Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions in Tokyo

Giving What You Don't Have has been invited to be part of the annual Yebisu Festival for Art and Alternative Visions taking place at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.

The video interviews will be included in the exhibition Multiple Future, 10 - 26 February 2017. The transcripts of the videos will be translated into Japanese and all the videos will be subtitled for the project installation at the festival.

Additionally, I am happy to participate in the panel discussion Art & Speculative Commons together with KUBOTA Akihiro and HATTA Masayuki, taking place on 18 February 2017

Taipeh Digital Arts Festival

I have been invited to make a major contribution to this years' edition of the Digital Arts Festival in Taipeh!

The project GWYDH will be part of the exhibition in_SUBJECT (as video installation with Chinese translation).

In my talk Creating Commons I will introduce the concept of the commons and its relation to art to a Taiwanese audience.

In the workshop Preserving and Distributing Knowledge as Artistic Practice, we will have the opportunity to explore in more depths aspects of artistic digital archives.

metroZones: Circulating Knowledge

Together with Lorenzo Tripodi I am invited to contribute to the salon#4: Circulating Knowledge – Collaborative archives in digital and local communities. This is another great opportunity to introduce and discuss GWYDH to a Berlin audience.

metroZones school for urban practices

Berlin: Wednesday, 5 October 2016, 6pm–10pm
Café Südblock, Admiralstraße 1-2, Berlin-Kreuzberg
Hamburg, Friday, 7 October 2016, 6pm–10pm
dock europe, fux/Kaserne, Bodenstedtstr. 16

GWYDH @ re:publica 2016

Glad to have the chance to introduce the project to a larger audience in Berlin.

"Creating Commons. What are the aesthetics of the commons?" Cornelia Sollfrank

Lecture: Monday, 2 May 2016, 15:15

re:publica conference, Station Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6, 10963 Berlin

Lecture and workshop in Geneva!

On the invitation of Gordan Savicic I was able to show the project GWYDH to students of the Geneva School of Art and Design and give a lecture the day before the workshop on the topic of Art&Commons:Creating Commons. How artists can contribute to building and maintaining commons.

Lecture: Thursday, 14 APRIL 2016, 18.30

Workshop: Wednesday 13 April + Thursday 14 April 2106.

HEAD – Geneva School of Art and Design

5 Boulevard Helvétique. Salle S01

No Internet – No Art

This lovely anthology edited by Melanie Bühler, with its significant title, includes a text of mine which is based on the interviews I have done with Kenneth Goldsmith as part of GWYDH.

"Nothing New Needs to be Created. Kenneth Goldsmith’s Claim to Uncreativity," Cornelia Sollfrank, in: Melanie Bühler, Goethe Institut Washington (Eds.), No Internet – No Art. A Lunch Byte Anthology, Onomatopee, Eindhoven (2015)

Report from the Paragora meeting

On Monday 2 February 2015, about 25 people followed the invitation of Dmitry Kleiner, Baruch Gottlieb and myself to join us for a discussion about Art and Commons based on reflections on my current project Giving What You Don’t Have. The event was part of the new mini media festival Paragora that the two initiated and which was hosted by ThoughtWorks Werkstatt Berlin in a space the company sponsors in order to contribute to the critical exploration of the information economy. 

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If Art Were A Commons


PARAGORA - the festival of ideas and their aesthetics

Conversation with Cornelia Sollfrank: If Art Were A Commons

Monday 2 February 2015, 19.00

On the basis of interviews conducted as part of her artistic research project ‘Giving What You Don’t Have’ (GWYDH), Cornelia Sollfrank will introduce and discuss projects whose aim is to contribute to the production and preservation of the commons. Fundamental questions will include the relation between art and the commons, what forms of organisation artists suggest, what values the projects represent, what external economies the projects depend on and, last but not least, what inherent conception of art they express.

thoughtworks werkstatt berlin
Mülhauser Str. 6.
10405 Berlin

Invitation to magazine launch and discussion: Critical net practice – information as reality?

Tonight there will be the presentation of the new issue of 'springerin,' a Vienna-based art and culture magazine. The thematic focus of the issue is on critical net practice (springerin / Band XXI, Heft 1, Winter 2015) and contains, amongst many other thrilling texts, an interview by Felix Stalder with me about the project Giving What You Don't Have. (The interview is in German, but we are planning to provide an English translation for this website as soon as possible).

The event will be hosted by Marina Gržinić (Ljubljana), Zoran Pantelić (Novi Sad) and Konrad Becker (Wien) Moderation: Christian Höller, editor and co-publisher of springerin. (And I guess it will be all in German...)

Date: Tuesday, 20 January 2015, 19.00
Venue: MAK-Kaminzimmer, Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien

Public Library conference – Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

October 30 – November 2, 2014

conference about today’s conditions of knowledge production: from the neoliberal politics of education and the monopolization of “intellectual property” to alternative critical and anarchistic ways of sharing and “borrowing” knowledge. Including the workshop "If Art Were a Commons" discussing the projects featured in GWYDH.

Welcome to the Giving What You Don'y Have research blog

I'm starting this blog now, in order to enable a discussion about the introduced projects and a communication beyond official events. The interviews online offer a lot of material to think and talk about, and there will be added more in the course of this year. I will use this platform to share my own thoughts, to hear your comments and suggestions and to develop a larger research project with questions related to art&commons. All contributions are welcome.